Our Spire Is Up!

Posted on Jun 15, 2012

By Julie Ruiz-Wibbelsmann

New Eden Hospital Spire attached to south face of the building

We’ve installed our 43,000-pound spire on our new Eden Hospital! Watch a video of the installation:

Video of spire installation at our new Eden Hospital


Two cranes lifting our spire onto the new Eden hospital
Using two cranes to lift our 125-foot spire, we attached it to the south face of our new hospital, just west of the main entrance, on Thursday, June 14. The cranes each weighed 265 tons and had telescoping booms to lift and maneuver our spire into place.

Constructed  in Buffalo, New York, the spire was driven across the country and delivered to Eden in three pieces, which we assembled during May. The truss frame is covered with 2,000 square-feet of fabric weighing 1,500 pounds and constructed from fiberglass and plastic composite.

Close-up of the Eden Hospital spire (truss covered with fabric)Lifting the spire against the south face of the new Eden Hospital
We attached our spire to the cranes using very strong cables.

Attaching the crane cables to lift our spire onto our new Eden Hospital

Attaching the crane cable to the spire to install it on our New Eden Hospital

We draped a yellow protective sheet over the glass exterior of our building.
Lifting the spire against the south face of the new Eden Hospital
Spire attached to cranes for installing on the south face of our new Eden Hospital
Our spire is supported by five existing beams on our building, beginning around the height of the second-floor level and extending to the top level. Each of the five beams has 12 high-strength bolts, 7.38 inches long and 1.38 inches in diameter, that hold our spire securely in place.
Connecting our spire to the five supporting beams of our new Eden Hospital
Close-up of a construction worker attaching our spire to the beams of our new Eden Hospital


Come see it for yourself! And read an earlier blog posting about our spire: “Installing Our Spire: A Main Architectural Feature of the New Eden Hospital.”

 Close-up of spire attached to our new Eden Hospital


  1. Nice simple sculpture. What is its” theme or name? Hope it represents the goal of the hospital which I assume to be helping people have healthy lives.

    • Thanks for your comment. The intent of the Eden Medical Center spire is to evoke emotion, inspiring optimism, hope and a sense of well-being. As a graceful and welcoming beacon to the community served by Eden Medical Center, the spire also draws attention upward to the beautiful, fresh expanse of the sky and encourages a sense of openness and a cheerful outlook on life.

  2. When is the new hospital going to open?

    • Thanks for your message. Our new Eden Hospital will open December 1, 2012.

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