Congratulations to Alta Bates, Eden and Summit Emergency Departments

Posted on Sep 4, 2013

Emergency sign in redIn an article on Wednesday, Sept. 4, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Bay Area Consumer’s Checkbook magazine’s rating of hospital emergency departments throughout the Bay Area.

Congratulations to our physicians and staff in our Emergency Departments at Alta Bates, Eden and Summit. Ratings found our EDs “Top for simple cases” and “Top for complex cases.”

According to the Chronicle article: “Checkbook surveyed area physicians for their assessments of emergency departments with which they were familiar, collected reports from people who had used emergency departments, and collected detailed information on emergency department staffing and on the quality of inpatient care in case the patient is admitted … ”

Thank you to the men and women in our emergency departments who care for the members of our community who turn to us in time of their greatest need. Your compassion and quality care is greatly appreciated.

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