Eden Surgeon Makes Mission of Medicine, Education and Community

Posted on Nov 4, 2015

Mimran and friendsOver six days in July, Dr. Ronnie Mimran performed 11 spine surgeries on children in Mbarara, Uganda. The young patients made remarkable recoveries.

“The next day, kids were up, kicking a soccer ball around. The kids are incredibly resilient,” Dr. Mimran recalls. “I left with a deep, deep love of their people. They live with nothing, existing on about 75¢ a day. But I’ve never met a happier population of people.” Read More

SEBMF Celebrates 10 Years of Family Centered Care

Posted on Oct 6, 2015

Happy Birthday 10The test of a good idea is how long it lasts. It has been 10 years since a small group of East Bay health care pioneers created a network that allows physicians to focus on building strong relationships with their patients.

Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation (SEBMF) and East Bay Physicians Medical Group (EBPMG) are celebrating the anniversary of a 10-year partnership. On Oct. 1, 2005, with approximately 100 employees, 49 physicians and four allied health professionals on board, SEBMF started providing hospitalist services for Alta Bates Summit Medical Center and opened its doors at three care centers in Berkeley. Read More

That burning sensation: What you need to know about heartburn

Posted on Aug 1, 2014

????????????If you’ve ever experienced heartburn – also known as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD – you know how uncomfortable it can be. Approximately seven million people in the U.S. experience some symptoms of GERD. Besides heartburn, GERD symptoms can fall into two categories. Typical symptoms include regurgitation, bloating, or an acidic taste in the back of the mouth. Less common symptoms include asthma, persistent coughing, shortness of breath and even recurrent pneumonia. These less frequent symptoms are often misdiagnosed and the root cause never recognized. Read More

Saving a Student’s Heart

Posted on Jul 9, 2014

Dr. lee - Cinthia stethoscope

In March, Cinthia Zapien became one of the first patients in the Bay Area to receive a subcutaneous implantable cardioverter defibrillator (S-ICD) that treats irregular heart rhythms. Cinthia’s physician, Dr. Michael Lee, a cardiologist with Alta Bates Medical Center expects Cinthia to have a full and productive healthy life.

A year ago, Cinthia Zapien – a 21-year-old college student with a bright future – learned that she had a genetic heart disorder that put her at risk of dying from sudden cardiac arrest. Cinthia has Long QT Syndrome, a rare abnormality of the heart’s electrical activity that causes dangerous heart arrhythmias. Cinthia started suffering fainting spells and other symptoms about five years ago and much of her father’s side of the family all suffers from the same disorder.

“My aunt and three of her daughters have the same condition and one of my cousins died when she was 11,” said Cinthia. “All of my sisters and my father are being monitored for Long QT Syndrome as well.”

Read More

Sutter Health EBR Employees ‘Embrace, Encourage and Empower’ by Participating in the SF Pride Parade

Posted on Jul 3, 2013

Sutter Health East Bay Region employees participate in SF Pride Parade, holding banner along with Sutter West Bay Region colleagues

(SF Pride Photos courtesy of Gus Hernandez, communications associate, California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC), West Bay Region)

On Sunday, June 30, many East Bay Region (EBR) employees took part in their first San Francisco Pride Parade.

“With all the recent political victories for LGBT rights, this is the year to be in the parade!” said pride participant Ryan Cook, R.N., project manager in nursing administration at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. Read More

Improving Patient Care in the East Bay

Posted on Mar 20, 2013

We’re proud to announce that, today, after months of planning and of training clinical staff and AIM team members, the Advanced Illness Management (AIM)® Program is going “live” in the East Bay.

This program will include Alta Bates Summit, Eden and Sutter Delta medical centers; Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation (SEBMF); and Sutter Care at Home. Read More